Building a Personal Warm-Up Routine

warm-up routine

When it comes to singing, there are many different parts of the body working together to create music. Those parts, like most parts of the body, need to be maintained and kept in good condition in order to perform at its full capacity, but also to remain useful for longer periods of time. That is why it is so important to have a good warm-up routine.

Building a repertoire of exercises can seem like a daunting task at first, but after putting together a few exercises, you’ll find it much easier to sing, and with less strain on your voice!

What Exactly Am I Exercising During a Warm-Up Routine?

Vocal Cords

If you’ve been singing for any amount of time, you have probably been told not to strain your vocal cords. Singing with an improper technique, or without having warmed-up your vocal cords yet, can lead to straining them. If there is too much tension, or if you are trying to reach the entire span of your vocal range before ever warming up, you can seriously damage your voice. This is why we must always exercise our vocal cords.

The Diaphragm

While studying music, I have found that proper breath control is just as important as proper vocal technique. The diaphragm is what you use to control the tone of your voice. You must train this muscle. In order to master the art of singing this muscle needs to be used to its maximum capacity. That means exercising on a regular basis. Just like all muscles, the diaphragm will weaken if not exercised often.

Building Your Warm-Up Routine

Think of what you want to achieve. If you want to add to your range try implementing the chromatic scale into your daily routine. This exercise takes you very slowly and gradually up to your peak and allows you to take small steps farther and farther without shocking your vocal cords.

If you are looking to achieve vocal agility, consider looking for exercises that have you sing through quick passages of music within your range. If you are aiming for pitch accuracy, exercises that include unusual intervals or chromaticism can be very helpful.

When considering your breathing exercises, you should have in mind exercising the endurance, control, and strength of the muscle. An exercise that will strengthen all three of these aspects is, the candle method. This is where you take in a deep breath and very slowly let the air out to blow the flame away, but not out. It is a very effective exercise for endurance and control. Exercises that include these three aspects will take you a long way.

With the number of resources around us, you can find an exercise for almost anything you’d like to improve when it comes to singing. It is so important to maintain proper practices when it comes to music. Many habits are hard to unlearn. So if you start building good habits from the get-go, you will have more success in the long run.

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