Singing With Others

As a vocalist, we must learn to be versatile. Just like we cannot learn to sing only one style of music, we must be able to sing in more than just one setting. This is why we must learn to sing with other people. Singing with others isn’t as easy as singing a solo. There are more variables because there are more people, but learning to sing with others, we add value to our skill set.

Learning to Blend

Learning to blend with others is one of the most important things you can do. When we sing in a group, we are not there to steal the spotlight on our own. We are singing together so that we shine together! When you sing, listen to those around you. Do not make your voice stand out, make it sound like you are all singing with one voice.

We can sing with one voice by making our tone softer. This will remove any harshness that is making our voice stand out. If you have a very distinct vibrato, try using more breath control and tightening your vibrato. Doing these things can help your blend significantly.

Practicing Rhythms

This subject is not an easy task, especially when the song has been heard by others in different variations. It is so important to be able to follow the music, even if it is written differently than you have heard it. Practice your cut-offs, if they are uneven it will be very noticeable.

Try to finish words with the letters “t” and “s” together because they are very harsh sounds and will be obvious if not. If you change something in the song, make sure to write it down so that it is sung the same way consistently. Learning how to do these simple things, can make singing with others more enjoyable.

Singing With Others

Singing with others can seem like a piece of cake, but unless you take the time to practice and work together, it can turn out to be a mess. Pick the song together, and make sure that it compliments the group well. If your group is a mixed group, this can add a bit more difficulty to singing together.

See if can you practice one part at a time. This way you can lay a better foundation for the group. Start with the lead, and then work your way up to the highest harmony. If you sing in a group you can make beautiful harmonies that you could not create alone, it just takes practice!

We can create beautiful music on our own, but there is a joy that comes in singing with others. If we learn to put these tips and ideas to use, we can create a wonderful experience for the listener. Singing with others can be a pleasant experience, it just takes a little time and effort.

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